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Let's Write

The "Let's Write" Group will meet on the first and third Thursday of the month.
Eight 2 hour sessions, April until July inclusive
Starting date 20th April
Aims of the group:
To encourage and develop writing skills in new / experienced writers.
To share skills and knowledge amongst the members of the group.
To provide a comfortable and friendly learning environment.
To provide a spring board for members who wish to develop their writing skills further.

Details: Chris Kingshott 01341 251357 or Evelyn Richardson 01341 422125


June - Thursdays 1st and 15th.

May - Thursdays 4th and 18th.

April 2017
The first meeting is on Thursday 20th April at 11.15 am to 1.15 pm at Chris's home. Please ring either of the above numbers for more details.

January 2017 We are hoping to re-establish a writing group later in the spring so anyone who is interested in this would you give your name to Evelyn Richardson or Chris Kingshott.
The idea is to have an eight session introduction to writing consisting of two sessions per month beginning in April and up to and including July.
The days, times and venue will be decided depending upon the requirements of the members. So if you are interested could you contact either of us and let us know when it would be convenient for you to attend so we can sort this out before we start.
We will provide an outline of the eight sessions at the beginning of the group and outline what we hope to achieve. 
If this group is successful we will then consider following it up with another eight sessions which will build on the skills and knowledge developed in this first group.
The group will be open to any U3A member whether they have or haven't any previous experience of writing. The main aim of the group is to develop ones writing skills in a cooperative and supportive environment. 
Evelyn Richardson (01341 422125) Chris Kingshott (01341 251357)

*** 2012 ***

December No meeting in December.

November Dates are 2nd and 16th.

October Group will not meet during October.

September Dates are 7th and 21st.

July Dates are 13th and 27th.
We were challenged by Rod and Wendy Bramley to write a piece about Badminton. Follow this link to read the result.


For you, Mawddach, a beautiful maiden  

Born of restless earth many eons past
Whence volcanoes breathed fire
Like a youthful maiden you writhe
Through valleys lush and green 
Tip-toeing thro' the whispering woods
                            and the sleepy meadows

You have been used and abused
Your body and soul raped wantonly
As you wander innocently on a bed of stones
Generous in your gift of life
Sustaining the very beings who maligned you

Many a relic strewn on your banks,
                             a spectre of races ancient
Rampaging through the ages like shadows
                                         in the curtain of time
Your banks reverberated with sounds of mountains
                                                       tall in pain
As the human greed laid the beautiful land
                                          barren and dismal
Until there was no more 

Adored by the bards and the travellers alike
Resting on your banks awhile, lost in reverie
Marvelling at the mysteries 
and the memories your waters hide
As you flow eternally on a quest unbridled

Passion vanquished at the journey's end 
As you embrace the never ending ocean blue 
Surging and ebbing
Thus beginning the cosmic journey of the
                                             perpetual rain drop
that assuages your thirst

June Dates are 1st, 15th and 29th.
Earlier this year, we received an inquiry via the website from Gordon Powell, a mature student doing a photography degree. He had chosen the River Mawddach as his topic and asked whether our Writing Group had written anything on the Mawddach that he could use to put together with his pictures.
That set us all off in poetic mood, we all produced a poem, each of varying length and mood and sent them off to Gordon. We were delighted that he chose Meena's poem to accompany his pictures in his book - and here it is on the right in all its beauty:

We also heard from a member of the Erewash Writers of Beeston U3A in Nottingham, a very innovative group who are running their own Short Story Writing competition. They are inviting entries from other U3As and they can certainly expect one or two from Barmouth. This shows that our website works, and just how successful it is in advertising Barmouth and communicating with other organisations.

May Dates are 4th and 18th.

April No session on 6th April(Good Friday) but we will be back on the 20th.

March Dates are 9th and 23rd.
The Writing group meets on alternate Fridays and for the past month or two have been studying and writing poetry.
We have read the poems of Byron, Dylan Thomas and RS Thomas; and have looked at rhyme, line and meter. Studying poetry can be a bit daunting when you are bombarded with technical terms which are, quite literally, all Greek to me, but poetry is an entirely different way of using words. There was almost a tactile pleasure in hearing RS Thomas read some of his poems on a CD which one of the members brought in. We haven't managed any literary masterpieces ourselves yet, but we did have fun with a few amusing Christmas poems and limericks.
Our group is small, especially with two members away for the winter months, so we would welcome new faces if anyone would like to join us.

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