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The Art Group is not currently active.

Beginners' Art Group Again?
Consideration is being given to the possibility of starting a new Beginners' Art Group.
If you are interested please contact

*** 2011 ***

From Norma Stockford:
I am sorry to report that the Art group had its final session in December 2011.

It began as a Watercolour Group for beginners in 2008 and was grant-aided, which meant we could enjoy fortnightly classes under the tutorship of Marion Telford for several years. At first, classes were held in the old Youth Centre - a huge light room which was used (and loved) by many art groups. When this was no longer available, we moved to the Min y Mor and eventually to the Dragon theatre.

Members came and went over the years, as is usual in these sorts of classes. Earlier this year, Marion, through ill health and family commitments, could no longer continue with the group.

In February 2011 Valerie Land took over as tutor and we learned about gouache, line drawing and portrait drawing which was enormously enjoyable. By now some of the members were confident enough about their skills to join other local art groups and eventually numbers attending got so small that the class became unviable.

The last day was a sad day, but on occasions these groups do have a 'shelf life' and the fact that some of us are still painting is proof of their worth.

For my part, I am grateful to Marion, Valerie and all the friends I have made through the group for their support and encouragement. I paint or draw whenever I can find the time and it has become an essential part of my retirement. The U3A classes have given me the courage to join other groups and I am contemplating enrolling for the Summer School in Telford in July. Anyone want to join me?

And who knows, if there is a need, we may start a new group one day......!

Examples of our work are displayed on the Photo Gallery.

November - Valerie Land will be tutoring on 1st November
Valerie is chairman of the Merioneth Artists and provides lively tutorials on the first Tuesday of the month. The group still continue to meet fortnightly in Parlwr bach and the support we get from one another is good.
We have been learning the fundamentals of drawing, and about figure drawing and portraiture. We are hoping that the more we draw, the keener our perception will become. Valerie paints in a number of media, so I am hoping that we too will soon be proficient in many other media.
However, we do need more members if we are to continue to be a viable group. So if you have a yearning to draw or paint - in any medium - please contact Val Smedley - details above.
Tell your friends - you will be amazed how enjoyable it is.

October - The name of this group has changed from Watercolours Group to Art Group. The main focus of the group has changed recently from watercolours to learning to draw. Current members are very enthusiastic about the techniques, "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain", being taught by Valerie Land who tutors the group on one of its two sessions each month.
Sessions this month on 4th(Valerie Land tutoring) and 18th.

September - The meeting on September 6th will be a tutored by Valerie Land. The subject will be, "Portraits - Drawing Faces". The session on 20th September will be untutored.

July - July 12th - Valerie Land will be leading the group. The topic will be, 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - Portraits'.    July 26th - This meeting will be untutored.

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