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The University
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The Badminton Group has now been established for a number of years.
The initial notice stated that the Group was for "third age players...if you are, or were, a badminton player, or would like to play, please get in touch..."
This concept is still valid today and new members are always welcome.
We are not competitive (there are no league tables etc) but play for the enjoyment of the game. Playing badminton is also a fun way of keeping fit.
If you would like to join the group of happy people in the photographs, please contact Wendy Bramley.

Organiser: Wendy Bramley (01341 242706)

Venue: Leisure Centre, Barmouth.
Time: 2pm until 4pm every Friday.
(Excluding School Holidays)


The U3A Badminton Challenge  

Every few weeks we have to report 
Of activities on the Badminton court
The players are lovely and all try their best,
But writing something different each time - now that is a test.

Singing for Fun travel near and far,
To theatres and concerts in which they can star
They sing to an audience whom they try to please
So to write different things can be done with such ease.

U3A Walking Group travels our mountains and dales
Their articles have photos of beautiful Wales
The pictures show views with a wonderful sight
About such varied subjects, it's easy to write.

Our U3A Stollers also travel afar
Using the bus and occasionally car
They attract many members with smiles on their faces
It's easy to write about these different places.

The Book Group are clever and analyse writing
Tragedy, comedy and topics exciting,
They write magazine contributions with splendid reviews,
Explaining literary critique and up-to-date news.

So to Norma and the Writing Group we just had to ask
If they would help us complete the Badminton task,
We've no doubt they'll try - but let's not forget,
It's just a shuttlecock to-ing and fro-ing over a net….

The first response - last issue - came from Norma -so pretty,
She composed an appropriate amusing ditty,
But the Challenge is widened for all to write something better
Submitting different Badminton articles for each Newsletter!

A Spectator's Love Song
by Norma Stockford

................................With apologies to John Betjeman

Miss Wendy B, Miss Wendy B
I've watched you play badminton, down by the sea
Your tall slender figure when you dance round the court
Sets my heart all a'flutter as you lithely contort

Miss Wendy B, my dear Miss Wendy B
Won't you please come outside and join me for tea?
For months I have watched you from here by the door
As you play every Friday from 2 until 4

Backwards and forwards the birdie is soaring
To-ing and fro-ing while I stand adoring
My heart's in my mouth as you follow that shuttle
So lissom and sylphlike  so slender and supple

You snake through the court like a slithering reptile
Then leap in the air for that feathered projectile
With forehand and backhand you slice and you spin
Your absolute loveliness I can hardly take in

Scoring point after point in mixed doubles or singles
My hair stands on end and my skin fairly tingles
Very soon I just know I'll go down on one knee
To ask for your hand my most dear Wendy B

As soon as game's over I'll ask you Miss Bramley
To come home with me and meet all the family
But what's that ..........  you cannot return all my kisses?
Your title's not Miss but you're Rod Bramley's Missus!
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