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Our year runs from April through to March.
Subscriptions - currently £12 per year - are due by 1st April.

Annual General Meeting - 2017
The Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 10th May - Minutes

Annual General Meeting - 2016
The Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 11th May - Minutes

Annual General Meeting - 2015
The Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 13th May - Minutes

Annual General Meeting - 2014
The Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 14th May - Minutes

Annual General Meeting - 2013
The Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 8th May - Minutes

Annual General Meeting - 2012
The Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 9th May - Minutes

In case you missed the Christmas party, here are the lyrics of the song performed by Evelyn and Rachel.
Take note, excellent advice. To the tune of ‘Come to the Cabaret’.

What good is sitting alone in your room
Don't sit around each day
You have a life to live old chum
Come join the U3A

Pick up some painting, play bridge, sing a song
Make time for some fun today.
Listen to speakers, learn a lot.
Come join the U3A

Come trace your folk, Read a good book,
Come write a poem, Start integrating
Right this way a group is waiting.

I know we're getting a little bit older
It's time to grasp each day
Life can be so much fun old chum
It's great in the U3A

Go for a stroll, walk in these hills
Come out for lunch, start celebrating
Right this way a place is waiting.

No use permitting some prophet of doom
To wipe every smile away,
Life is a splendid thing old chum
I mean a splendid thing old chum
Come join the U3A

Xmas Message from our Chairlady.

Great to see the pictures of the party. A very big thankyou to all who helped to make it such a good evening.
You'll be interested to know that I am at present voiceless, but am recovering from being a chorus girl. I'll probably stick to my day job.
Hope you all have a lovely Christmas.
See you in February.
Love Evelyn

Message from our Chairlady.

Well we did it and it was a resounding success. A big thank you to all who made the day, the Speakers and video makers, the helpers who were there in the background beavering away, always looking happy at their work, to the committee for planning and worrying about it for the last few months, to all who attended and to Allison, her staff and voluntary helpers.
I felt all aspects were good, the things we worried about didn't materialise(I think).
The food seemed to go down with gusto, thank you Gillian and staff and to David and Bronwen who treated us to a lovely meal complete with taxi service to and from their home last night.

Barmouth U3A hosts the
North Wales Association of U3As,
Annual Study Day, 2011.

The Annual Study Day of the North Wales Association of U3As in 2011 was held at the Dragon Theatre in Barmouth on Wednesday, October 12th.

The theme was 'Landscape and People'

The day turned out to be a great success with a full house enjoying four sessions in which speakers illustrated in words, images and videos, different aspects of the Afon Mawddach and its surroundings.

    The Programme

1st session: This was a video made by George Mandow, a Barmouth U3A member, and his family.
'Journey Down the Mawddach' is a visual record on DVD of the Mawddach from its source to Barmouth, highlighting the social and industrial history of the area and its peoples.

2nd session: This was a presentation by Frances Lynch, a retired lecturer in archaeology at Bangor University, who has published articles and books on archaeology for the general public.
Frances' talk, titled 'Walking up the Mawddach in Pre-history', dealt mainly with the monuments along the Fford Ddu.

3rd session: This looked at the early history of Barmouth and the people who helped shape the town.
The speaker, John Sam Jones, is a novelist and longtime Barmouth resident.

4th session: The final session looked at Barmouth's maritime history up to the present day.
The speaker, Dr Robert Howarth, is a general practitioner who has studied and recorded aspects of this important part of Barmouth life. He also addressed how the town faces up to present day challenges.

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